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Are we an official partner of Realmadrid Foundation?

Is there an initial assessment before the student joins the Realmadrid Foundation Academy UAE?

Are there any other restrictions as to who can join the academy, apart from age limit?

Who is permitted to train at the Academy?

What are the ages of students accepted at the Realmadrid Foundation Academy UAE?

Are students separated into age groups for training purposes?

How many students are there in each group?

What is the ratio of coaches to players?

Where can I find out about the Realmadrid Academy Foundation UAE Coaching Team?

How many training sessions per week are scheduled for the students?

Please check the link for the schedule :

What is the duration of each training session?

Where are the training grounds located?

Does the Realmadrid Foundation Academy UAE offer a transportation service?

What is the Registration Fee?

Is it possible to buy additional or replacement uniform items?

If a student misses a training session will a replacement session be offered?

What are the benefits of the Realmadrid Foundation Academy UAE training program?

When will students begin to notice the improvements?

Do we have a physiotherapist on site during training sessions?